Artist Statement

One thing that becomes obvious is the way as artists we portray the landscape. John Constable once stated, “Landscape painting is the Rosetta Stone to nature,” a quote that resonates deep within me because of my search for the interconnectedness of nature, humanity, and art.

One of the greatest expressions of human resolution is the creativity found within art. However, this temporal structured creation is inherently tragic because of choice. Choices made prior to, during, and after the creative process in addition to choices not made, tie art directly with humanity. But the worth and redeeming value of these choices comes from its intent to share: ideas, emotions, gifts, and human experience.

My intent is expressed through the mediums of drawing, painting and printmaking. Drawing is the most immediate and least encumbered medium one can use; from one’s mind to paper. I find painting is pleasurable and challenging because one has to use the language of color to create. Finally, in printmaking I find that no other media can achieve either the richness of mark making or the physical process of change that intaglio printmaking offers. Through mark making, color, light, understanding, and my own empathy for the landscape, I strive to understand the subtle and serene beauty of the world around me for the purpose of sharing it with others.